1. What is the optimal amount of seating for your room?

• First, and foremost, what are the measurements of the room?  
• You will need approximately 2 feet of width for aisle space, and 7ft of depth per row of    
    theater seating.
• If you want two rows, the back row will need to sit on a platform or tier approixmately 6
    inches tall. 
• What size screen is in your room?
• A basic rule of thumb is to multiply your screen size by 1.5 and that is approximately optimal
    viewing distance.
• Obviously, with two or three rows of seating only one row can sit at optimum distance.
• How many people will on average be in the media room?
• Typically a family of 4 will want seating for 8.  That’s 4 seats for the family members, and 4
    seats for guests.

2.  What materials make the best seating covers?

• Bonded leather has quickly become one of the most popular furniture covers on
     the market.  
• Bonded leather is reconstituted leather scraps glued on a fabric backing.
• It is durable, the easiest to clean, and very affordable.
• Top grain leather is still the most popular seating choice.
• It is the most durable cover available, easy to clean, and still a great value for your dollar.
• Fabric has one big advantage as a cover choice:  Non-solid color designs.
• While not as durable, or cleanable as the other options, it is still most affordable, design
    savvy choice.

3.  What are the pro’s / con’s to motorized recline seating?

• Motorized seating has become the standard in the industry. 
• Motorized seating is just as durable as its manual counterpart, provides an infinite
    number of reclining positions versus 2 positions with a manual chair, and is only moderately
    more expensive.

4.  What are pro's and con's to custom ordering seating?

 The pro’s to custom seating vary in value with the customer.
• Having a large color selection is absolutely vital to some media rooms, while black or brown
     is the soup-de-jour for most others.
• Being able to get that perfect configuration with curved sets and sofas are necessary to
     meet the seating preferences of many of our clients, while many others are happy with 2
     rows of straight configured 3 pc. sets.
• Then, of course, there are the additions of USB ports, lighting, table trays, storage etc. that
     some people consider “must haves”, while others just want the seats to have cup holders.
• The two con’s of custom seating are price and availability.

5. What information should you know before begining to shop for seating?

A few pieces of absolutely necessary information to know BEFORE you begin the seat shopping process are:

The dimensions of the room; write them down and bring them with you. 
• Predetermine your approximate budget.
• Determine how many people you’d like to seat in the room, along with any special
    configurations you’d like to have (i.e. curved sets, sofas, standalone chairs etc.)
• Determine what color(s) you would like to have for your seating.
• If you can predetermine just these 4 things, we can present you all of the seats that meet, or
    most closely meet your criteria very quickly.  Our goal is customer satisfaction, and
    knowing these things will help us to best serve you.